Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Glee Club Vote

Thank you all for your suggestions - some great songs!

I have chosen my favourites and put them on a vote which you should see here ----->

Please YouTube them all before you vote - you may discover a great song you never knew!

Mr. Lee


  1. I Have Thought Of A Brilliant Dance Me Izzy And Tullyanne Can Practice For Glee And We Can Practice Doing The Dance Outside At Our School Break Times.

    From Ayisha ;)

    1. i can't wait to see it Ayisha!! Mr. Lee

    2. hi glee club is ace and taylor swift has the most votes and i have just voted for it because it is classic nice to sing and plus i know all the words to it off by hart at top of my head their always there lol so i dont need to learn any words yet so mr lee please may we sing i knew you where trouble.Billie-jo

    3. I'm Not Very Good Dancing To Honest.

      Ayisha :D

  2. I Wonder If Anyone Is Going To Sing On Their Own... Well I Might But I Think I'm A Little Too Nervous So I Think , No Sorry :-(

    From Ayisha